Sunday 24 January 2016

My Thoughts On Meeting With Bruce Rowlands, CEO Of Eurocontrol Technics

Last week, I had a phone conversation with the CEO of Eurocontrol Technics (EUO), Bruce Rowlands for the first time. I had contacted him through email several months before, asking for some clarification on the company's recently completed deal to sell its GFI subsidiary to SICPA. The phone conversation lasted well beyond what I had expected. I was on the phone with him for about 70 minutes, and I would estimate over 60 of those minutes was him talking.

I left the convsersation feeling that Mr. Rowlands is a man who is:

  • Very proud of his company's accomplishments, particularly in the past year and with the struggles on the TSXV
  • Very knowledgeable of the Petromarking industry and further potential applications for EUO
  • Very confident of EUO's ability to compete, particularly with the new deal with SICPA and after SICPA did an outstanding amount of due diligence on GFI's technology
  • Very well connected
I am in the preliminary stages of my research on EUO, so I'm not ready to disclose a target on the stock just yet. But the stock is trading at less than its cash value and has a relationship with SICPA, so let's just say I think it is a buy.

I plan to release an article on EUO in the next month. Expect it to be of similar quality as my articles on PKK. I own shares in EUO.

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