Friday 27 July 2018

PKK: Time For Some Insider Buying

The Canadian small cap market has badly struggled this summer, and Peak Positioning Technologies (PKK) has been no different. However, while a lot of companies have dropped on little or no news, PKK started ASFC and loaned out all of its capital - probably the greatest accomplishment the company has had to-date. Yet there are millions of shares up for sale at every half-penny increment starting at 3.5 cents and the share price is down to 3 cents. The stock has had to deal with some large seller(s) who mainly sell through TD for months.

If the business is going so well as Peak management says it is, now would be an ideal time for some insider buying. Insiders, as well as the investors from Jiu Dong participated in the debenture financing with a convertible feature at 5 cents. Over 3 million shares can be picked up at the ask of 3.5 cents. I think now would be a perfect time for insiders to show some confidence in the imminent success of PKK and buy up some shares on the open market.

A confident buy from insiders could be exactly what this stock needs to get out of its rut.