Friday 8 January 2016

Peak's Answer To LongKey Questions

As promised, I asked Peak some follow up questions about LongKey after the conference call. Specifically:
  • How is LongKey doing now?
  • Is the automated process a done deal or still ongoing?
  • What's the upfront capital requirement now, if any?
  • Can they fund a partial roll-out based on existing cash flows?
  • I know LongKey management is on board with the focus on Banlan, but what about ICBC and the 5,000 manufacturers, how long can they wait? 

This is the answer I got back from Johnson.

So it looks like the IFS business is on hold for now, but LongKey is still active and working on a next generation solution. We should not expect any significant revenues out of LongKey until Peak confirms its focus back onto that business.

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