Thursday 14 January 2016

Peak: Preparing for Chinese Investors

Referring to my previous article on Mr. Jiang Wang's interview regarding his investment into Peak Positioning Technologies. Upon review of the article, Johnson Joseph, CEO of Peak had few suggested changes. So I was proud of myself that I managed to get everything just about correct when scrambling to write notes during the hour long interview.

One thing that changed significantly though, was the title. I was going to go with the mundane "An Interview With the Investor Behind The Peak Transaction". It was actually upon his and Golden Qiu's advice that I changed it to the title you see.

Why? Because they expect that this article will make its way back to China. They want his name in the title to attract interest as Mr. Wang is a highly respected business man there.

I didn't discuss this with them, but I can only assume one thing. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out either. They expect significant Chinese investor interest. I don't know if they intend to promote there or if they will just passively let Mr. Wang's name behind it do all the talking.

I don't know how easily PKK.C can trade internationally. So I would watch for a spike in volume on PKKFF.

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