Wednesday 6 October 2021

Doing A Deep Dive On The Deep Dive's Dishonesty is a site that built a reputation and a following years ago as one of the few out there willing to do detailed financial and other critical analysis of Canadian penny stocks. This is a valuable endeavour as a lot of coverage on Canadian small caps are promotional or long-biased in nature and often distort or ignore bad news or caveats that may be buried in SEDAR filings.

Unfortunately, over the years The Deep Dive has degenerated to the point where most of the blog posts on there are complete wastes of time to read, all wonderfully dis-organized into a massively cluttered mess of a website. I suppose, just like news outlets such as CNN, the site struggled to find a way to monetize its content and concluded that low quality SEO clickbait articles was the best route to go. There's nothing wrong with trying to earn a living, but poisoning the "Deep Dive" brand is a bit of a bait and switch if most of the articles on there are fluff. May I suggest that the site changes itself to "The Shallow Pump" instead? is still available on GoDaddy.

(As an aside, when you become an ACTUAL SUCCESSFUL investor, you don't need the few dollars generated from web traffic to support you, *wink wink* - successful analysis and successful investing should eventually go hand in hand.)

As a result of The Deep Dive's steep decline in quality, I just stopped following the Twitter account and stopped reading their content. Their Twitter account still follows me - we shall see how long that lasts - and they have far more followers than I do, along with some followers who I follow and respect. So The Deep Dive brand still has credibility in the Canadian microcap space.