Thursday 18 January 2018


I have created a Facebook group traders can join so we can discuss Inwentash investments:

Sheldon Inwentash Investment Tracking Group 
From $0.35 to over $2.00 to $0.35 in DAYS. I have never seen anything like this. Yeah PEEK did that but at least that was over a period of over a year and based on various issues that the market didn't like over time. How the hell can something like this happen? Almost as bad as NNA except without actual news to justify the move. Glad I was never a part of that one, recommending it anywhere outside of its relationship to IDK.

Also glad that I sold a lot of IDK and APP shares high and mentioned that in my blog. A chance to buy back cheaper now which I took advantage today and I guess I will be doing tomorrow. Might even buy into SX since it looks like a very decent opportunity. Those Zeu guys will want to cash in their $1.00 warrants at some point in time.

A lesson can be learned from this situation. This is not a good start for Sheldon Inwentash if he is trying to reclaim his lost rep from the Pinetree debacle. Volatility can be a trader's friend and we know what we are getting into on the Venture/CSE, but if he wants his fund taken seriously it's going to need a little more stability than this. I have a very, very hard time believing that this crater in the Inwentash basket isn't due to some serious dumping by one or more individuals or entities that are known to him, even if that's completely out of his control. He needs to pay more mind to who he associates with in that case.

Can't blame the market either. US stocks like OSTK, RIOT, KODK and bitcoin and HIVE were all trading pretty well today and since bitcoin dipped under $10,000 yesterday. This is a distinctly Inwentash phenomenon.

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